Who is TENZERO “Kit Bash 3D Models”?

We are a group of professional 3D artists. We have worked with some of the largest architectural firms in the business as well as produced content for TV advertisements. We have also ventured into game concept development and have helped several successful game studios with content development.

What software can I use with the 3D models?

We produce a variety of formats for each of our assets. This agnostic approach means that you can open our models with any main-stream software package.

Do the 3D models come with textures?

Yes! Our models are fully textured and ready to be used in production.

Are the 3D models UV mapped?


Are the assets game ready for Unity or Unreal?

Our assets unless otherwise stated, are probably not suitable for realtime processing.

Can I use your kits for commercial work?

Sure! We cover this in our EULA. Review it here: EULA,

How are the assets delivered once I have paid?

We provide a link to each of your assets, they are hosted on a high speed s3 server and can be downloaded by using a download manager. Resume is supported!

How can I contact you?

Please fill in this form: CONTACT US